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Why do we need to support different approaches to culture →

Our culture today is increasingly focusing on a narrow set of priorities around standardized efficiency and scale, organized around resource scarcity.

Culture is our collective inheritance.

Culture is where we go for answers to existing problems and new ones as they arise.


Our culture today is increasingly focused on a narrow set of priorities around efficiency and scale.

Other ways of knowing are urgently needed:


New ways of collaborating

We create new platforms for collaboration that bypass the status quo to bring about the changes we want to see.

We create new social relations and practices locally to show others that different approaches are legitimate and viable. 

New audiences

We connect cultural producers to opportunities in other disciplines and sectors to address shared challenges.

We prefer culture that is tangled up with what is happening in the world.  

New resources

Cultural work is often precarious.

We free up resources from systems that are declining and make them available to implement new ideas and production.


UKAI supports a diverse and resilient culture so that our society can continue to draw on a rich mix of solutions for today and for future generations.