How can arts and culture help to address social + economic inequality?


ukai Projects was invited to participate in the Inclusive Societies for Stable Democracies Forum in Baltimore in October 2017 through the BMW Foundation. Thematically, the Responsible Leader Forums are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Responsible Leaders Forum North America in Baltimore addressed above all the tenth goal: Reducing Inequalities.

ukai Projects’ president, Jerrold McGrath, was invited to participate due to his use of systemic design in the reorganization of national service for dance (Decolonizing Canadian Dance) and a collective impact project to promote positive portrayals of African and African diasporic culture in the City of Toronto. The forum addressed inequality through various angles and the opportunity to represent arts and culture as an instrument of social change was a unique opportunity. We continue to explore how arts organizations can hybridize operating models to accommodate social, digital, and academic objectives and values and inclusivity is core to the work that we do. The opportunity to work with other leaders from across North America and to engage in cross-sectoral explorations of inequality was an amazing opportunity to learn and to cultivate new collaborators in Canada and the US.

Jerrold McGrath