Sha (ina) Agbayani

Sha creates to remember the miraculous within the mundane, the innovative brilliance of the ancient, and the freedom within the oppression, understanding land as the core ecology of art, technology, and revolution. Her creations embrace freedom and justness as rooted in practising life as art, the body as earth, the earth as mother, spirit as innate within all beings, and reciprocal relationships as the root of healing.

As a trans-disciplinary non-binary femme conjurer, fermentation fairy, moon-karaokist, seed-singer, land caretaker, and descendent of care-workers rooted in movement between Tkaronto-Scarborough and Pilipinas, her spirit-art often wonders: How can we create systems of care to support harmony between all beings? Within Indigeneity & settlement at "home", how can we take seriously the responsibilities of settler violence while creating peace and transformation in the spirit of kapwa, “the shared self. The interconnectedness among and between beings"?

 As founder of Rootcare, an Ontario-based emergence by and for racialized, black, and indigenous creators  who grow, creatively transform, and share food & land-connection wisdom consciously and inter-generationally, she is excited about creating radically, with Angela Davis' understanding that “Radical simply means 'grasping things at the root”.

Rootcare intersects with her work as a colon hydrotherapist, consent educator, and facilitator of seed & song circles. She also ceremoniously conjure bacteria through culinary spells of fermentation, make theatre about fermentation as a queer practise of non-linear & de-colonial time, write about the colon as a site of de-colonization, and produce queer women of colour cooking shows. 

She graduated from Political Science at McGill and Organic Agriculture in the Philippines. She currently studies relationally and institutionally Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Traditionalized Philippine Arts&Sciences. Always, she is learning the dynamic creative process of survival, self-determination, well-being, and revitalization. Life and art only separate when our wholeness is fragmented. 

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