Heran Genene

Heran Genene is an explorer, thinker, content creator, community mobilizer and vlogger.  She is interested in exploring the future of remote work and freelancer work. She is looking at the future of digital “nomad-ing” and for ways to bridge opportunity gaps for equally talented creative youths outside of North America – specifically, youth who face disproportionately more barriers to paid opportunities and networks.

This year she started an agency called Digital Knowmads. It is an attempt to provide opportunities to digital creatives through global-network-building and paid-gigs. 

Her professional history is deeply rooted in the grassroots community and youth services sector, primarily through Young Diplomats (an Ethiopian and Eritrean Youth Development NPO).  Over 6 years, her passion projects were building diasporic networks; internationally and locally, enabling youth through the arts and arts platforms, and most recently, destigmatizing mental health in the community through social media campaigns (2015).

She completed a B.A. in International Development Studies at York University in 2017, specializing in environment and culture (anthropology).

In the last 2 years she’s had the amazing privilege to visit Lagos, Nigeria for 4 months, Cali, Colombia for 3 weeks, Ethiopia for 5 weeks, and Seattle, Washington for 7 months.

All her combined experiences have informed and influenced her methods and integrity as a social enterprise. The idea is to use tech and digitization to try to dismantle pre-existing barriers for young people across the globe.

She’s currently observing and exploring these ideas and spaces, things subject to change:)

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