KyViTa (aka Kyle) is a Toronto-based producer and multi-media artist. He was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to Canada at 8 years old. His skills in English and Tagalog were both underdeveloped at the time. Not having fully grown in either culture, he faced challenges with self-identity and connecting with others through language. He has made it a goal for himself to find ways to connect without using language.

KyViTa's art is based on the idea of communication without words or recognizable structure. He prefers speaking through music, and a variety of mediums to express the complex and infinite nature of emotions by using shapes, colors, sounds, textures, vibrations, and other basic elements. He wants to define and articulate his own artistic vocabulary that can invoke emotions to an audience without using real words or following an existing structure. We live in a world where the body and mind need to perceive to connect and survive.

KyViTa wants others and himself to feel their emotions without feeling the need to attach their ego or themselves to it, just to simply experience. Furthermore, Kyle is a founder of a non-profit organization entitled "Yuzu" that exists to provide young aspiring artists like himself the opportunity to grow their career in art through mentorships, volunteering, and performances in multi-media events in underused spaces in downtown Toronto. 

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