Padina Bondar

Padina uses fashion as a platform to confront critical gender-based violations of human rights with informative, credible, and engaging content that can create a network of impact, all while advocating sustainable/ethical practices in fashion, business, and social action.

She is an internationally exhibited designer with a degree in fashion from Ryerson University and a Fine Arts diploma from the Arts York program. She has more than twelve years of academic and professional training in the fashion industry, including participating in numerous runway shows and exhibitions, as well as winning various competitions and training under famous couturier Deborah Milner in London. Her brand aims to use fashion as a platform for social innovation with gowns that vividly explore social and ethical issues, while maintaining sustainable sourcing and production methods that benefit her community and professional network as a whole. She specializes in couture fashion techniques, and continually pushes the technical difficulty of her pieces by incorporating wearable technology, alternative materials, and live runway transformations to deliver maximum impact with everything she makes. Through these collections, the customer journey combines the gravity of the human rights violations with exciting and interactive fashion to deeply engage audiences and give them a clear call-to-action. Her goal is always to advance her skills as a maker and engage her Iranian cultural roots to achieve diversity in both her designs and social statements. She strives to push boundaries, make the familiar strange, and illuminate marginalized narratives.

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