Luisa Ji

As part of Nomadic Labs, Luisa helps newly formed organizations launch “minimum usable products” and prepare road-maps with respect to each organization’s constraints with project-based funding. This approach provides a solution to the limited resources allocated to foresight in the social impact sector. As a designer, Luisa looks into emerging practices in fields other than design, keeping an eye on forces shaping possible futures. With broad interests and curiosity, Luisa has worked on civic tech, installations, and performances alongside artists and community-builders. Her research and work span disciplines including architecture, culture, and studies of the future. Luisa holds a master's degree in Architecture from Carleton University. Her 2015 thesis "Does Architecture Dream of Upheavals?" speculates the collapse of iconic architecture and the shift toward social responsiveness. Her narrative on the love/hate relationship between the slums and innovation zones of Shenzhen was featured in Architecture Concordia 2 and as part of "Exceptional/Exceptionable Space" symposium with renowned architecture theorist, Keller Easterling. Aside from practical visual design skills and systems thinking, she brings a body of what she calls “redundant knowledge” to the table, ready to use in the event of communicating and working with an interdisciplinary team.

Luisa hopes to study the blurring border between digital experiences and “the physical world” and to look at ways civic experiences emerge under the influences of geopolitics in the digital age through the lens of speculative architecture.

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