Ferment is a year-long collective exploration of creative and business models by cultural entrepreneurs


The 2019 cohort is exploring urban development, national borders, artificial intelligence, and financial instruments.


Why Ferment?

Fermentation takes patience and there are few quick fixes.

We won’t know what we’ve got until adequate time has been given. Ours is a slow and immersive process.

Since launching Ferment, over $55,000 has been paid out to creators, often from non-traditional supporters of arts and culture.

Ferment is not about scale or efficiency.

Fermentation is a practice known in most cultures. Ultimately, fermentation serves five basic purposes: to provide greater diversity of flavors, aromas, and textures; to preserve food for later use; to increase the health benefits of a food or drink; to get rid of anti-nutrients, and to reduce the need for cooking and the associated need for fuel.

Ferment therefore becomes a useful metaphor for the work we are trying to do:

  1. To increase the diversity of stories available to us to make sense of the world.

  2. To preserve stories and ways of knowing so that they are not lost to future generations.

  3. To offset the trend toward algorithmic optimization of culture at the expense of the hard work and education required to develop personal taste.

  4. To offer time and support to approaches that the market might not currently support

  5. To accelerate projects that disrupt how we deal with massive problems affecting us and subsequent generations.


2019 Cohort

Our first cohort of cultural producers look to sustain themselves creatively and financially while drawing on different ways of understanding the world. Projects centre on leveraging the tools of capitalism toward different ends.





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