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Postcapitalist Business Model Design

  • Triga Creative 77 Florence Street Toronto, ON, M6K 1P4 Canada (map)

Exploit systems not people. Design a business model that reflects your values and takes advantage of broad shifts in our economy and culture

About this Event

This workshop will discuss what comes after capitalism and how your business can start to model approaches that reflect your hopes for the future.

We will look at how resources can be freed up from systems that are declining and made available to implement new ideas and projects.

For-purpose organizations need to align their business models with changes in technology and the world around us. This workshop offers an introduction on how.

Key Themes

New ways of collaborating

Create new platforms for collaboration that bypass the status quo to bring about the changes you want to see.

Create new social relations and practices locally to show others that different approaches are legitimate and viable.

New audiences

Connect to opportunities in other disciplines and sectors to address shared challenges.

Acknowledge that your work is tangled up with what is happening in the world.

New resources

For-purpose work is often precarious. Free up resources from systems that are declining and make them available to implement new ideas and projects.

Snacks will be available.